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The energy store of the artistic paint, the use of the golden gilt as a marking credo to the ‘different’, as well as the uncountable and delicate colour shades, put a mark on the advance of the plastic art expression of the painter, emancipated from the excess of particular outlines in the subject.
The depth achieved through the transparent chase of a multitude of pictorial coats is an expressive proof of the makings of the artist Tsanko Tsankov. This pulsating balanced melodiousness of the aesthete concentrates great part of the vigour of his works, engraving figures and pictures of the antiquity and of the modern times into the present.
Prof. Dimitrina Zhelezova

I was deeply excited by the art of painting of Tsanko Tsankov, as these paintings seem to possess a melting of that strange duplicity of emotions, seizing the painters times and again, when they happen to sense Dresden ….
The paintings of Tsanko Tsankov bring the background of transcendental immortality and transitional times. They engender abstract forms, overlapping our material world in a splendid manner. These artistic overlays hold so much substance, materiality and associations saturated with enigmatic mysteriousness. Scratches, ground coats and picturesqueness give rise to depths and superficies, locking inside an imaginary world fading away and bursting upon us intimately...
The evil is assigned a particular role in his works. The use of a golden gilt, traditional for the Byzantine icon-painting, creates energy stores, from which seem to originate the cosmic laws of the existence.
Prof. Regina Niman

The nature-mortes, painted with virtuosity, are poetically integrated by their author within the cycle “Quiet nature”, which displays harmony and confrontation of shades of colours and materials, and the materials themselves are just a ground for the expression of the light, with its refractions and reflexions – a deeply saturated and internally dynamic “Quiet nature”.
Prof. Adelina Fileva

In his series “Fugue” Tsanko Tsankov seizes our imagination with the game of the upwards “running”(i.e.- ‘galloping fugue’) high and shapely verticals, dominating his paintings. Turning these paintings horizontally in our minds, the verticals unexpectedly form a refined polyphony but subordinate to strong proportions. This is a kind of plastic “multilevelling”, weaving into the works of Tsankov the main category of the music: the motion.
Prof. Rosemarie Statelova

The mastery of Tsanko Tsankoff makes an impression with the exquisite sensibility of the light…
He creates his own poetical world with a clear voluminous construction, softness and peace…
The most characteristic of the painter is his constructive world, revealing the richness and liberty one can live with, overcoming the gloomy aspects of the human mentality.
Dr. Violeta Valkanova

1962 - Born in Sofia
1988 - graduated of the National Academy of Arts, Sofia ,
stage design - М.С.

1987 - 4th Stage Design Quadrennial, Prague
1988 - 2nd National Salon of Fine Arts, Buenos Aires
1991 - 6th Graphics Biennial, Varna
1991 - Expo 91 Exhibition, Plovdiv
1992 - Modern Bulgarian Paintings, London
1993 - 7th Graphics Biennial, Varna
1994 - 2nd EAST - WEST Exhibition - Varna
1995 - Modern Bulgarian Paintings - Pittsburgh
1995 - 2nd Graphics Triennial - Tokio
1997 - Nude, Georg Gallery, Suld, Germany
2000 - Nude, Waytimor Gallery, London
2001 - 5th Fine Arts Exhibition Room, London
2001 - 3rd Paintings Room, Birmingham
2001 - 2nd Exhibition August in Fine Arts - Varna
2002 - 3rd Exhibition August in Fine Arts - Varna
2002 - 6th Fine Arts Exhibition Room, London
2002 - 6th Paintings Exhibition Room - Birmingham
2004 - 4th Exhibition August in Fine Arts - Varna
2004 - First Balkan Quadrennial of Paintings, Stara Zagora
2005 - Art Postcard Competition - 2005 Shardjah Art Museum UAE
2006 - 5th Exhibition August in Fine Arts - Varna
2007 - Spring Exhibition of Fine Arts - Dublin

1984 - Drawing, Nude, Theatre of Army, Sofia
1990 - paintings, Surrealistic Abstractions, Starinna Gallery, Plovdiv Plovdiv
1991 - drawing Musical Canons 4th of January Gallery, Plovdiv
1992 - graphics Verticals, Zograph Gallery, Sofia
1993 - graphics Black and White, Zograph Gallery, Sofia
1993 - paintings Live Ligfht, Art 36 Gallery, Sofia
1994 - paintings Water, Life, Ecology, Sunny Day Gallery, Varna
1995- paintings Nude, Solunska Gallery, Sofia
1995 - paintings Silent Nature, The Old House Gallery, Plovdiv
1996 - water-colour Landscape, Art Club Gallery, Sofia
1996 - water-colour Impressions from India Gallery 17, Varna
1996 - water-colour Impressions from India Vitosha Gallery, Sofia
1996 - water-colour Impressions from India Trakia Gallery, Plovdiv
1997 - paintings Meditations in Colours City Gallery, Sofia
1997 - graphics Open Atelier, Art Club Gallery, Sofia
1998 - graphics Love, Body, Music, Art Club Gallery, Sofia
1999 - paintings Nude, Georg Gallery, Suld, Westerland
2000 - paintings Nude, Vazrazhdane Gallery, Plovdiv
2000 - paintings Nude, Gallery 111 Gallery, Varna
2001 - paintings Body and Expressions, Waytimor Gallery, London
2002 - paintings The Sleeping Moon, Yuka Gallery, Varna
2002 - paintings Bhagavad Gita, Modern Art Center Gallery, Varna
2003 - paintings Compositions, Miro Gallery, Prague
2003 - paintings Unduality, Modern Art Center Gallery, Varna
2005 - paintings A Song of Govinda, Bulart Gallery, Varna
2005 - paintings Return, Racoursi Gallery, Sofia
2005 - paintings A Touch, Am Weissen Hirsch Gallery, Dresden
2006- paintings Fragments, Gallery 8, Varna
2006 - paintings Dresden, Am Wessen Hirsch Gallery, Dresden
2008 - paintings A Touch, Ot-To Gallery, Varna

2003 - St. Luca 11th International Plein Air, Kyustendil

Since 1989 participations in a number of national and regional exhibitions
in the cities: Varna, Sofia, Plovdiv, Kyustendil

1988 - 1991 Teacher at the Stage Designers Art High School, Plovdiv
1992 - 1993 Stage designer at Bulgarian National Television - Sofia
1994 - 1998 Artistic trips to India and training at Vradja Academy -
Vrindavan, Uta Pradesh

1991 - Honorary Diploma from EXPO 91 Exhibition, Plovdiv
1994 - 1st prize and golden medal from EAST - WEST Exhibition, Sofia

National Gallery, Plovdiv
City Gallery Vladimir Dimitrov the Master, Kyustendil
Georg Gallery, Suld, Westerland, Germany
Waytimor Gallery, London
Miro Gallery - Prague
Shardjah Museum of Fine Arts, Shardjah, UAE

His works may be found in private collections in Bulgaria, Germany,
the Netherlands, England, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, UK,
Greece, India, Syria, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Japan.

E-mail: zank_off@abv.bg
GSM: 0899 89 31 33